About Capt Suresh

I consider myself as extremely lucky, who got introduced to the wonders of nature while yet a toddler. My father used to take me out to the nearby jungle patch for morning walks everyday and I have kept in touch with nature to this day and it is now a passion with me. My love of nature, photography and travel got me to join the Indian army, which took me to all corners of India and also abroad. But I bid the Indian army adieu to pursue my hobbies whole time, like a free bird. I have been associated with wildlife film projects including two for the National Geographic Society, USA. With talents & skills in numerous fields, I am considered as an expert in designing and fabrication of natural history sets for shooting wildlife films under controlled conditions. I also design cine support equipment for wildlife filming. My sole mission is `Nature Conservation Through Education’. To make my projects worthwhile, I escort photo safaris. Also, I design and manufacture souvenirs with wildlife motifs to raise funds for the Snake Cell.

I am an Indian Army veteran (SS-38), was commissioned on August 24,1984, from the Officers Training School, Madras (now Officers Training Academy, Chennai). And on August 31, 1990, I bid the Indian army adieu to pursue my passions whole time, like a free bird. Now, I love to travel on board KINGCOBRA, do photography, enjoying nature and outdoor life. MISSION: NATURE CONSERVATION THROUGH MY PHOTOGRAPHY AND TOURISM.

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3 comments on “About Capt Suresh

  1. Sir,
    Your article on How to protect Optics from the Tentacles of Fungus is really awsome. Thanks a lot for the same. I have a 18-55mm IS lense that has fungus on its front part & I really want to get it cleaned but since I work in the IT Industry don’t get much time for it but your article has awared me more. Even infact I’ve taken a leave tomorrow to get it done asap.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anirban Bagchi
    Mobile : 09733049479 ; E-mail : abagchi.ab@gmail.com ; Fb : http://facebook.com/abagchi.ab

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